7 Ways to Secure Your Home on a Budget

Security measures that won't break the bank


1. Upgrade to a snap-resistant cylinder

If you have a UPVC doorfitting it with an anti-snap euro cylinder could save your house from burglary. The predetermined snap-points on these specially designed cylinders will sacrifice small amount of the cylinder when force is applied, protecting your locking mechanism from tampering. For more information about lock snapping, please read our recent lock snapping blog post.

2. Letterbox security hood

Often, the easiest point of entry for a thief is your front door. Fitting a security hood to your letter box reduces the risk on potential intruders gaining access to your home via the letterbox.

3. Dummy alarm boxes & CCTV Cameras

Sold by many of the leading brands in home security, a fake or “dummy” alarm siren box is identical to a real alarm box in appearance, the only difference being it lacks the actual alarm equipment. They are a far more cost effective than installing an alarm, but still give you the benefit of a visual deterrent.

4. Rack bolts

Rack bolts are opereated from the inside only andcan be fitted to both doors and windows to add an extra layer of security. These locks are both discrete and inexpensive but they can be a bit of a bother to install if you’re new to DIY. We recommend following the steps outlined on the excellent DIY blog, Handyman Know How.

5. Outdoor lighting & garden maintenance

Make sure you keep your garden well-trimmed and in good condition so that there are no easy hiding places for potential thieves. Installing a motion-detection light is an inexpensive way to further deter would be home invaders.

6. Safes

When properly secured to a wall or the floor, a personal safe is cost effective precaution to safely store your valuables if the worst should happen.

7. Hinge Bolts

Coming in at under £5 a pair, hinge bolts are easy to install and help protect your door from being forced off its hinges.

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