Product Spotlight: Our Top 5 Combination Padlocks

A combination padlock is a cheap and easy way to secure your possessions. With no keys required, these are a convenient lock for anybody, but especially useful if the lock is to be used by many different people. We recommend them for locking items such as bike chains, toolboxes, bags, luggage, lockers and cupboards.

If you are considering buying a combination padlock then look no further, as our top 5 are the best of the bunch:


1)     Squire CP50 Open Shackle Combination Padlock
The Squire CP40, CP50 & CP60 are padlocks that are built to last, manufactured with a hardened steel shackle, weather resistance, and a die cast alloy lock body with dual compound cover. It features a unique re-codable double locking mechanism with 10,000 different combinations and an easy to use push button spring opening. This padlock is particularly useful for gates, sheds, vans and lorries, lockups, garages and boats.

2)    Asec Brass Open Shackle Combination Padlock
Built with a solid steel shackle and solid brass body, this entry level padlock is available in 3 different widths, and is therefore suitable for a range of applications including lockers, cupboards and cabinets.

3)    Squire SHCB Sliding Shackle Combination Padlock
This substantial and well-built solid brass padlock is designed for reliability and endurance. It boasts weather-resistance, hardened components, and an easy to use “pull button”. They are available in 2 size options with re-codable combinations. It is no surprise that Squire padlocks are among our bestsellers, and these are particularly suitable for sheds, garages, commercial vehicles, substations, perimeter gates, trailers, industrial premises, schools, clubs and storage units.

4)    Asec TSA Luggage Padlock
A TSA approved padlock is essential for anybody travelling to the USA, as they are designed to conform to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements. This allows customs to have access to your baggage in order to search it using a special key, whilst securing your valuables for travel.

5)    Asec Coloured Aluminium Open Shackle Combination Padlock
These Asec locks are ideal for securing items in public places such as on luggage, in the gym, or in a hospital or school. This is due to both their lightweight design and the fact that they are easy to spot, as they’re available in bright pink and green.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable combination padlock, why not try one of our top five; they won’t let you down. If you have any questions about any of our locks, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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