What Do Burglars Look For?

There are many things a potential intruder looks for and these usually fall into 2 categories; what will hinder them and what will assist them. Please see below the top 10 things a potential burglar will often look for:-



Fortunately some of these are extremely easy to fix such as moving your bins out of sight to stop them being used to reach higher parts of the building, keeping your gates locked and keeping your expensive items such as phones, car keys and tablets out of sight and out of direct access from the letterbox. 

Most other issues can be easily resolved with the addition of window locks, shed locks, garage door locks, additional security, safes and alarm systems.   These are all relatively easy to install and can make a huge difference if you are being targeted.  All to often people wait until they have been burgled before they upgrade their security but by then it is too late.

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