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Keep your belongings safe this school year

With the summer holidays drawing to a close it’s time to start thinking about the much bemoaned return to school.  Forgetful kids and opportunistic thieves make petty theft a common occurance at schools across the country.  Learning to take care of your own belongings is an important life skill that should be nurtured in children as soon as they begin school.  Our range of colourful security products are a useful way to encourage your child to take extra care of their belongings.


Key Caps & Lanyards

Replacing your door locks can be a costly and tiresome affair should one of your offspring misplace a key during the journey to and from school.  We stock a range of products that aim to minimise the likelihood of this happening, including colourful LED fitted key caps, lanyards and key rings.

Key Safes

If your little ‘uns are a bit too young (or a bit too forgetful!) to trust with a house key, you may want to consider installing an outdoor key safe.  Securely fitted to an external wall, a code-operated outdoor key safe is an inexpensive and secure method to store your keys safely outdoors.


LOL. OMG. BRB.  By the time your kids hit high school, it can feel like they’re speaking another language!  The move to “big school” comes with lots of new experiences and responsibilities, including your very own locker!  We stock a range of colourful padlocks in both keyed or combination varieties to make sure your child’s belongings are kept safe.

Bike Locks

Unfortunately, most school aged children aren’t getting the hour-a-day of exercise that most heath professional recommend.  Encouraging your child to ride their bike to school will not only improve their overall health and fitness, but also help foster a sense of independence.  Bicycles can be an expensive investment and are a popular target for theft.  If your child is riding to school, make sure you kit them out with a D-Lock.  For more information on bike security, please read our recent blog post on the topic.

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Asec Key Storage Safe With Cover - Black

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