How To Measure Your UPVC Door Furniture

Ensure a perfect fit with these crucial measurements

Updating your UPVC door furniture is a simple and inexpensive way to renew tired-looking doors and provide a welcoming entrance to your home.  When shopping for a new set of door handles for your UPVC door, it’s important to note that different handles are required to operate different gearbox styles and functions.  In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss the different terminology and measurements used to describe the size and functionality of UPVC door handles.


Before you throw away your old door handles, there are four important measurements you need to take to ensure your new handles fit like a glove. These measurements include:

  1. Backplate Height; this is the vertical distance from the top to the bottom of the backplate.
  2. Screw Hole Centres; this is the vertical distance between the two fixing screw holes.
  3. Centres (PZ); denoted by some manufacturers as the “PZ” measurement, this is the vertical distance between the key hole and the handle follower.
  4. Backplate Width; this is the horizontal distance between the left and right side of the backplate.

These measurements are a useful starting point for your selection criteria.  When browsing our website, you’ll notice that UPVC door handles are often described by the PZ distance, the spindle operation (inline or offset) and the handle design (lever or pad).  We’ve already discussed the PZ distance but let’s look closer at the other two elements used to describe UPVC door furniture…

Offset or Inline?

As mentioned in our previous blog post, multipoint gearboxes can feature one of three types of spindle operations; single, split or twin.  Your choice of offset or inline door furniture will be dependent upon the PZ distance of your gearbox and the spindle operation.

UPVC door furniture spindle operation is described as either:

  • Inline; single and split-spindle gearboxes will need to be fitted with inline door furniture. Ensure you buy a door handle set with the same PZ distance as your gearbox.
  • Offset; twin spindle gearboxes must be fitted with offset door furniture. Make sure you measure the distance from the keyhole to each of the followers in your gearbox.  Offset PZ values are often written with a “/” separating the measurements, for example 62/92mm.

Lever or Pad?

Again, your door handle design is somewhat predetermined by the type of spindle system your multipoint lock utilises.

The two most popular handle types are:

  • Lever/Lever; features an internal and external lever operated handle. This is popular choice for single, split and twin spindle operated gearboxes and is commonly used in public access areas such as schools, hospitals and care homes as they are easy to grasp and use.
  • Lever/Pad; features an internal lever operated handle and an external pad or paddle.  This design is a popular choice for twin or split spindle applications.

Product Spotlight: Chameleon Pro Handle

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when purchasing replacement door furniture to suit UPVC door furniture.  This can be problematic for customers if they purchase door furniture that won’t fit and is a real source of annoyance for locksmiths as it means they must carry several different types and sizes of UPVC door handles (not to mention finishes!) in their van, taking up valuable space.

Chameleon hardware have identified this common frustration and developed a range of adaptable solutions to try and ease the pain of UPVC retrofitting.  One such product is the ingenious Chameleon PRO Handle.  The fully adaptable Chameleon PRO handle boasts a number of nifty features to help take the headache out of UPVC retrofitting.  Not only does this lever operated furniture feature an adjustable handle height (making it suitable to use on inline or offset gearboxes) but it also features an adjustable backplate to accommodate a range of screw centres (between 156mm - 242mm).

Available in a range of attractive finishes, this adaptability comes at no cost to security of the handle, which is fitted with concealed external fixings and a nylon sealed sliding mechanism for superior ingress protection.  Supplied with an 8mm solid single spindle (a suitable split spindle is available for purchase separately) and has proved a popular choice with professionals and DIY enthusiast alike.  If you’re looking for an easy-to-install UPVC door furniture which minimises the chances of failure, then look no further than the Chameleon PRO.

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