A Beginner's Guide To Access Control

Many people are turned off the idea of implementing an Access Control strategy in their office or business simply because the term conjures up images of futuristic retina scans – as well as the expense and level of difficulty that goes with it.  But an Access Control System needn’t be expensive or complicated.  At its heart, implementing an Access Control system simply means restricting access to rooms or resources to those with permission.  This permission can be granted by access to a key or code to work a lock.  For example a master keyed cylinder system acts as a basic Access Control System, as individuals have key access to a single room or area and a caretaker or manager has a master key to access all areas.

If we widen our definition of Access Control to include consumption of resources as well as freedom of movement, it becomes clear that there are a range of inexpensive locking products on offer that can be used to implement an Access Control strategy.  For example, Camlocks are an inexpensive and easy-to-fit product that can be used to limit access to certain cabinets and drawers which may hold sensitive documents.  Likewise, cashboxes and cupboard safes allow you to limit access to cash and other expensive or desirable items.

Today we’re going to focus on one of the most popular and cost-effective locking products used to control the movement of people in and around your premises; the Asec Mechanical Digital Lock.

Product Spotlight: Asec Mechanical Digital Lock

The Asec Mechanical Digital Lock is a popular item used to control access in commercial buildings such as offices and shared residential living spaces such as flats.  Installation is simple thanks to the mechanical mechanism, meaning no wires or calls to an electrician.  The lock features a code operated external handle and a free access internal handle.  The 4-7 digit code can be reset easily which is useful if you suspect that a code has been compromised.  This long lasting lock comes with a 5 year mechanical guarantee and is supplied complete with a tubular latch.  The optional holdback facility is cativated by sliding a switch on the inside and allows repeated external access via the handle without requiring the code to be entered multiple times.  This function is extremely useful for residential properties such as flats for unloading a car or moving van.

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