How To Secure Your French Doors

Say "Au Revoir" to would-be intruders with PATLOCK

French doors are a popular choice for residential properties as their panelled windows make for an inviting living space filled with light.  Unfortunately, they are a popular choice amongst thieves as well, as their design is fraught with security weaknesses that can be easily exploited.  But this doesn’t mean you should write-off French doors altogether.  With a few simple preventative measures, you can quickly and easily secure your French doors from attack.

So what elements of the popular French door design make them susceptible to attack?  For starters, those attractive glass panels that you like to admire your garden through are an obvious weak spot; a thief can easily break one, reach through and open your door.  To prevent this from happening, we recommend you upgrade the glass panels to non-breakable acrylic or add a film of laminate to make them harder to break.

Like all other final exit doors, French doors are also susceptible to the most popular form of entry attack; lock snapping.  Simply put, if you apply enough pressure to a standard Euro cylinder, it will snap at the weak point, allowing the lock cam to be thrown and the doors to be opened in a matter of seconds.  By installing an anti-snap cylinder with predetermined snap points you can protect yourself against lock snapping.  For a more detailed discussion of lock snapping you can refer to our recent blog post on the topic.

Alternatively, you can protect yourself against both entry methods above by simply installing the easy-to-use PATLOCK French door lock.  Secure by Design accredited, the PATLOCK simply slides over both internal door handles, securing them within seconds.  With no keys or codes required, the PATLOCK is an inexpensive additional security product to give you peace of mind.

Don’t forget...

Outward swinging French doors feature external hinges that can be easily manipulated with to gain entry.  If your local building codes allow, we recommend modifying your French doors to swing into the home to protect your hinges from tamper.  Alternatively, you can upgrade your hinges to locked pin hinges and/or install hinge bolts to prevent the doors from being lifted from the frame.

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