Home security? There’s an App for that!

Our favourite smart phone enabled locking products

Seven years on from its first use in the iPhone 3G advertising campaign, the catchy tagline “There’s an App for that” has become less of an optimistic advertising ploy and more of a reality. From monitoring our sleep behaviour to updating your shopping list, thanks to service specific Apps, our smart devices are capable of executing a huge range of complicated tasks. And the world of security is no different!

In 2016 we have seen more manufacturers than ever before embrace the “Internet of Things” trend towards interconnected devices, with many choosing to include smart device connectivity to their products. In today’s blog post we’re going to discuss some of our favourite smart phone enabled security devices.


Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks:

This range of Bluetooth enabled padlocks from Master Lock make keys and combinations a thing of the past.  The padlock can be unlocked by touch when connected with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

The compact design of the Indoor Padlock makes this product ideal for use on school or work lockers. The additional “Locker Mode” prevents the padlock from unlocking when the connected smart phone is stored inside.

A whole raft of extra features can be accessed by downloading the Master Lock Vault eLocks App to your smartphone (iOS/Android compatible). Once installed the App allows you to monitor the use of your padlock as well as share access to the padlock with family and friends.

This easy-to-use Bluetooth padlock is available to suit either indoor or outdoor use and is an excellent stocking stuffer for the gadget geek in your family!


Are you always losing things? The wireless IRIStag might be just what you need! When fitted to valuable or commonly misplaced items such as car keys, the IRIStag can be used to emit an audio alert to help you locate its whereabouts.

The corresponding smartphone App can also be used to set up the IRIStag as a wireless “leash” for children or pets.  Simply attach the IRIStag to your loved one and set a maximum distance the tag can travel away from your phone before an alarm is set up.

If you child strays too far from you in the shopping centre, you will receive an alert to your smartphone via the app.  The IRIStag app enables you to quickly and easily find the loved one or possession your IRIStag is attached to.


So if you’re stuck on a Christmas gift this year, why not pick up a smart phone enabled locking device? They’re fun, easy-to-use and will help keep all your other Christmas presents safe!

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