The Key To An Independent Retirement

According to a survey by Age UK, 36% of British senior citizens live alone

Due to an ageing population across Britain and many other European countries, key safes have seen a spike in popularity. Although the majority of seniors choose to live independently, many require assistance from a family member or health care professional on a regular basis. Weather resistant, code-operated digital key safes enable care dependent retirees to securely store their keys outdoors, allowing entry to family members or carers.

Thanks to their durability and low price, key safes are also a popular access control solution for rental and holiday accommodation. And they're a handy addition to your home for those times when you accidentally lock yourself out!


Product Spotlight: Asec Key Safe

Standing at just over 10cm tall, the diminutive key safe from Asec has an impressive capacity for its size and is able to hold 4-5 cylinder keys or 1-2 mortice keys.

Its small stature allows for discreet installation away from prying eyes to reduce the likelihood of tampering or theft. This easy to operate weatherproof key safe is ideal for forgetful key holders and rental properties.


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