The Best Locks for Child Safety

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Like most couples, you’ve spent years making your house a home. And it’s only now as your prepare to welcome a new life into that home that you realise it’s full of sharp corners and electrical hazards! But don’t despair, there are a plethora of child safety products available, including some you may not have previously thought of. Here are our top three locking products designed to keep your children safe:


1. Window Restrictors

Window restrictors are easy to install than you may think and are an inexpensive security measure that could save your child’s life. Jackloc, the leading manufacturer of cable window restrictors, are dedicated to child safety and reducing the risk of fall from windows. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Jacklocs universal design means it can be fitted to all types of windows and materials.


2. Cabinet Locks

You may not believe it, but it’s more than likely that you keep a range of deadly products well within reach of your children. Cleaning products stored in unsecured cupboards like under the kitchen sink are a common cause for a trip to A&E for parents with curious kiddies. Such incidences can be avoided by fitting inexpensive locks to cupboard doors and drawers that contain harmful cleaning products. Midlands based locking specialists Lowe & Fletcher produce two of our favourite cabinet locks; the spring cupboard till lock and the furniture deadlock. Both are easy to install and are an inexpensive way to keep dangerous items away from little hands.


3. Gate Catches and Latches

An automatic shutting gate catch will set you back as little as £1.31 and is an easy way to make sure your little ones are safe when playing in garden. When the gate is fixed with a closing spring, the catch will automatically hold the gate in the closed position, which can also be lock with a padlock. When installed out of reach of the kids, a catch can give you peace of mind that your child is safe from letting themselves out onto the road.

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