TSA Approved Holiday Security

Our range of TSA approved luggage security can help you to secure your souvenirs whilst adhering to transport security regulations. Read on to find out more….

Whether you’re taking gifts or valuables abroad for a special occasion, or just returning home with your suitcases stuffed with souvenirs, taking extra precautions with your luggage is always a good idea.

TSA approved locks make it possible to secure your goods, whilst being accessible to the Transport Security Administration. These locks are master keyed so that transport security workers are able to open the locks using a master key in order to carry out their routine searches, without destroying the padlock by cutting. They can be easily identified, as all locks approved by the TSA feature the Travel Sentry red diamond marking.


Here at MySecurityStore, we sell a range of these padlocks to suit your requirements. This includes key locking models, which are supplied with 2 keys, meaning you can store one elsewhere for extra safety, in case one key gets lost. TSA approved combination padlocks are also a popular choice as this eliminates the need to carry a key altogether, making your holiday that little bit less stressful. Trusting that you remember your combination, using these should mean that you never get locked out of your own luggage.

Another variation on the TSA padlock is the padlock with a cable shackle. Cable shackles are designed to be both strong and flexible, so they are a more versatile option for locking zips and handles, as well as items which may require a slimmer shackle. These TSA locks protect your things not only while you are actually travelling, but during your holiday too – a small cable shackle padlock can secure your bags as you move about during the day, while the larger padlocks can be left on your suitcases and bags back at the hotel.

Whether you travel by plane, ferry or coach, we can all recall the horror of seeing our precious belongings flung into storage by harried transportation staff. And there’s always an element of fear that your luggage could accidentally burst open at any moment, in a mortifying shower of bikinis and sunscreen. One product which can reduce this worry is the combi locking luggage belt. This belt can be wound tightly around your case to prevent any such sudden mishaps, and features a combination lock which is TSA approved.

So now you have your luggage security sorted out, it must be time to start packing – don’t forget your passport!

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