How To Measure Door Furniture UPVC Lock

A quick guide to assist in measuring and identifying the right replacement UPVC Multipoint Lock

Selecting the right UPVC multipoint lock can be very difficult if you dont know what to measure and selecting the wrong one can mean it will not suit the way your door is prepared meaning that you will have to exchange it or modify your door. Please see the below which should assist you with measuring and identifying the correct replacement UPVC Multipoint lock.

UPVC Centre Lock Case
UPVC Locking Points
Multipoint locks usually have a center case where the locking mechanism & handles are located, this drives the other locking points within the unit. Full length multipoint locks have locking points along them in addition to those on the center case.
UPVC Centre Case UPVC Locking Points
A Backset
B Centres (PZ)
C Case Height
A Locking Point A
B Locking Point B
C Locking Point C
D Locking Point D