Commercial Key Storage Explained

Commercial Key Storage Explained

Everything you need to know about the benefits of key cabinets and key safes.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of sensible key storage until you’re faced with the dilemma of having to store multiple keys in a secure and organized way. If you’ve ever pulled your hair out in frustration while trying to locate a single key from a large bunch, this blog post is for you. Ever hidden a key under a welcome mat or garden ornament? Bad move, this blog’s for you too.

With a functional key cabinet you can store many different keys in one convenient place, eliminating the need to carry bulky bunches of keys. These are really useful for businesses in which staff members require internal access to keys, such as in hotels and B&Bs. All the keys can be labelled individually and stored in a specific spot, improving speed of access. Some of the key cabinets we sell are even supplied with various colours of key tag and an internal key identification sheet to ensure they are clearly labelled and easy to use. All of the key cabinets we sell feature adjustable key racking so that you can customize the cabinet to fit the dimensional requirements of your individual keys, making them a versatile option for the needs of various users.

All of the key cabinets we sell are lockable, as security is our priority. This allows for more key control by the management or property holder, ensuring that only those with designated access to the key cabinet will be able to use the keys inside.

Key safes, on the other hand, allow you to store fewer keys but usually with a good level of security. So, for example, a key which is used to lock a key cabinet could be stored in a key safe and accessible to a limited number of people. Key safes are the perfect solution for external emergency/spare key storage – a much safer method than predictably leaving a key under a plant pot! This can be useful for people with mobility issues, who may need non-residents or trusted users such as carers, relatives or emergency services to be able to gain access to their property from the outside without assistance. Another application for key safes is when there are regular grounds staff such as gardeners who may need to gain access to an external shed or garage, without the employer needing to be present.

Different options are important to consider when buying both key safes and cabinets. Various capacities are available, generally between 20 and 200 keys. At My Security Store we stock both key locking and digital locking versions.

The benefit of key locking is the historic reliability, having been invented over 4,000 years ago, as well as the fact they are often cheaper than digital locks and require less maintenance. However, having a key locking cabinet means there is the chance that the key could be lost or stolen, which may lead to needing a locksmith to break into the lock. The benefit of digital locking is the flexibility regarding the combination code – this can usually be changed easily and at any time, which heightens security especially in the instance of staff turnover. They are also usually faster to open and program than key locking varieties. Some key safes, such as the MasterLock Bluetooth, have a lock out function and/or alerts to inform you of unauthorised access. The only real drawback to these is that they usually require an annual battery change, and can be more costly than key locking options.

So rather than having a box or drawer full of a jumbled mess of keys, or struggling to let in visitors and staff on your own, try using one of our many key storage options – you’ll be impressed at how much more organisation and convenience this can bring to either your home or business.