1. Guardians of the Road


    In a world where vehicle theft is an unfortunate reality, safeguarding your prised possession becomes paramount. This blog post is your ultimate guide to enhancing vehicle security, covering a range of measures from high-tech gadgets to tried-and-true physical barriers.








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  2. Key Cutting and Duplication

    In the intricate dance of security, where locks and keys perform a silent ballet, the role of key cutting and duplication often takes center stage. Quality in this seemingly mundane task is far from trivial—it's the linchpin that holds the fortress of our safety together. In this exploration, we unravel the significance of having keys cut by professionals and the perilous pitfalls associated with poor-quality duplicates.

    Why Quality Matters in Key Cutting and Duplication

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  3. Guide to a Ghost-Free Halloween

    As the leaves fall and darkness creeps in, Halloween enthusiasts across the world prepare for a night of spooky fun. But what's even scarier than ghosts and ghouls? The thought of uninvited intruders invading your property during this eerie season. Fear not, for My Security Store, your trusted locksmith's go-to destination, offers a range of security products designed to keep your home safe from both supernatural and real-world threats. Explore My Security Store's

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  4. Celebrating 20 Years Of Asec Security

    One of the major brands within the Security Industry is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Asec Security.

    We stock hundreds of Asec products from digital locks and safes through to cylinders and padlocks; all available for same day despatch including the hugely popular new range of CAVEO cylinders.

    Why not browse our site and take a look at our range of Asec products; you won't be disappointed...

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  5. New CAVEO Secure Range

    Asec Security, a renowned provider of security solutions, has recently introduced a new addition to its CAVEO locking product range - the CAVEO Secure range of dual finish euro cylinders. These cutting-edge cylinders boast advanced security features, including a high-security dimple mechanism with veri...

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  6. Wishing You a Secure Holiday Season

    Dear Valued Customers of GCD Security,

    As we bid farewell to 2023, GCD Security, via My Security Store, extends warm wishes to our esteemed patrons. Your trust in us, the bedrock of GCD Security, has been pivotal in ensuring your security. Here's to a holiday season filled with secure moments and a New Year safeguarded with peace of mind.

    A Year of Security Excellence:

    In the realm of security solutions, 2023 has been a year marked by ...

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  7. Back To School?

    Keep your belongings safe when we all finally go back to school.

    It may soon be time to start thinking about the much bemoaned return to school. Forgetful kids and opportunistic thieves make petty theft a common occurrence at schools across the country. Learning to take care of your own belongings is an important life skill that should be nurtured in children as soon as they begin school. Our range of colourful security products are a useful way to encourage your child to take extra c...

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  8. Commercial Key Storage Explained

    It’s easy to overlook the importance of sensible key storage until you’re faced with the dilemma of having to store multiple keys in a secure and organized way. If you’ve ever pulled your hair out in frustration while trying to locate a single key from a large bunch, this blog post is for you. Ever hidden a key under a welcome mat or garden ornament? Bad move, this blog’s for you too.

    With a functional key cabinet you can store many different keys in one convenient place, ...

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  9. Bright Lights for Dark Nights

    Darkness can be a safety and security issue for a number of reasons. Unlit areas are more likely to be the site of accidents such as tripping, slipping, falling or even walking straight into things. They are also ideal spots for opportunistic thieves as they can work under cover of darkness and not be spotted by residents or neighbours. On top of this, unless you have a security camera designed to work at night, darkness can severely impair the quality of CCTV footage so unlit areas are more ...

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  10. Love It, Lock It

    What’s the most valuable gift you’ve ever been given by a loved one? Chances are it’s the little, inexpensive things you cherish the most. Photographs, letters and keepsakes all rate highly for tugging at the heartstrings, and these probably carry as much sentimental value as the expensive jewelry and gadgets. These irreplaceable items all deserve the best care and security you can give. So if you love it then you’d better put a lock on it!

    A safe is a surefire way to protect ...

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