1. Back To School?

    Keep your belongings safe when we all finally go back to school.

    It may soon be time to start thinking about the much bemoaned return to school. Forgetful kids and opportunistic thieves make petty theft a common occurrence at schools across the country. Learning to take care of your own belongings is an important life skill that should be nurtured in children as soon as they begin school. Our range of colourful security products are a useful way to encourage your child to take extra c...

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  2. Bright Lights for Dark Nights

    Darkness can be a safety and security issue for a number of reasons. Unlit areas are more likely to be the site of accidents such as tripping, slipping, falling or even walking straight into things. They are also ideal spots for opportunistic thieves as they can work under cover of darkness and not be spotted by residents or neighbours. On top of this, unless you have a security camera designed to work at night, darkness can severely impair the quality of CCTV footage so unlit areas are more ...

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  3. Generation Rent

    According to the most recent English Housing Survey, more families are renting than ever before and the private rental sector as a whole has nearly doubled since 2002. Young people (aged 25-34) in particular are more likely to be renting than buying. For those priced out of the housing market, renting can feel a bit like being stuck in limbo. But making improvements and upgrades to your rental property can help make it feel more like a home.

    Many tenants are wary of asking their landl...

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