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Fire Safety in Door Hardware – A Hot Topic

Ever considered how long your doors would hold up in the occurrence of a fire? How long do expect they would stay standing? Ten minutes? An hour? Two?

If this hasn’t crossed your mind before, never fear! We here at mysecuritystore have got it all covered. It turns out that the durability and fire protection of your doors can be increased dramatically, with only a few minor inexpensive adjustments when fitting the hardware. Intumescent strips and seals are the quickest and easiest way to upgrade the fire security of your property. They are lightweight, inexpensive and they couldn’t be easier to install as most are fitted simply by using a self-adhesive backing. Intumescent protection is an investment you won’t regret. Read on to find out the answers to all your questions about intumescents and fire safety in door hardware….

Q) So how do they work?

A) Intumescent materials swell and expand when exposed to fire. When fitted with door hardware this can be used to seal small gaps and prevent the supply of oxygen to the fire, temporarily buying residents more time to get out of harm’s way.  Another fireproofing benefit of intumescent door protection is that they can help to prevent the door hardware from getting overheated and malfunctioning. Most door hardware (such as locks, closers and hinges) has a metal construction. Metal tends to conduct heat quickly and so, when heated in fire conditions, the hardware can become too hot to handle, even burning through the door or failing to operate, causing a potentially lethal hazard. Using intumescent seals around these items will help to hold them in place and keep them cool, meaning they may be usable for longer in a fire conditions as well as helping to prevent the spread of the fire.

Q) Sounds handy! What can they be used on?

A) Intumescent strips and seals are made to fit to various styles of lock such as deadlocks, sashlocks and multi-point, as well as door closers, door edges and frames, hinge pads and letter plates so that every aspect of door hardware can be protected. These products offer the best protection when used on fire doors specifically, but should also help to slow the spread of fire on normal doors.


Q) But how do I use them?

A) Most of the intumescent protection we stock is installed using a self-adhesive backing. They are made to fit around specific types of hardware so please ensure you have selected the right intumescent protection to suit the hardware you are fitting it to. Some are universal, designed to work with most manufacturer’s product ranges (such as the Asec Universal Deadlock Kit, which will work with most deadlocks). Others are produced by a manufacturer to suit a specific product of theirs (such as the GU Intumescent Kit for Concealed Door Closers). They generally have cut outs and perforated lines in all the right places, allowing you to easily wrap them around items such as lock cases.

Q) OK, You’ve convinced me! Where should I start?

A) Now we’ve “expanded” your product knowledge, why not take a look at the Strips and Seals in the Fire Safety Category on our website to view the wide range of intumescent protection we stock. If you are looking for an intumescent strip to suit a specific product, you can refine the results by type using the guide on the left hand side of the page, or alternatively you can always contact us in person and a staff member will be happy to advise you on the best options. Or for a quick look into the sort of intumescent we stock, click on the links below to view some of our top selling intumescent products….

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