Injury Prevention & Home Safety

New products to help protect your family and/or clients

We have taken on an exciting range of products from Cardea and we can’t wait to tell you about them! These products have been designed to assist in injury prevention and health and safety requirements in both the home and in workplaces and they are the ideal addition to locations with vulnerable people such as children and the elderly.

Cardea Happy Hands Door Closers

The Cardea Happy Hands Door Stopper is designed to prevent finger trapping in the handle side of doors. With their fun colourful design, they are especially suitable for areas where children play and learn and provide peace of mind in regards to health and safety. They are easy to install by anyone, using a strong self-adhesive pad to attach. These nylon door stoppers can be rotated to keep the door open, or rotated back 180 degrees when not in use to allow the door to shut.

Cardea Socket Shield

The Cardea Socket Shield has been produced as a health and safety solution for concealing electrical plug sockets so that they are accessible only by an established key holder. They have a neat and tidy white finish and they are easy to install with no specialist tools or rewiring required. The Socket Shield is wireless and tamper proof, designed for use on double plug sockets. They are ideal for safeguarding against incidents in both child care and adult care settings in which vulnerable individuals may be at risk of meddling with or unintentionally switching on or off the plugs.

Cardea Anti Ligature Coat Hook

The Cardea Anti Ligature Coat Hook is ideal for use in care environments and public settings to assist in the prevention of injury or death caused by a rigid hook. The safety feature means that, once a weight limit of 11.7kg is exceeded, the hook automatically releases into the lowered safety position, allowing the item to fall from the hook. Once the weight is removed, the hook automatically returns to the upright position. They have a robust plastic construction and they are available with either a white or beige finish.


Cardea Fingerguard Fingershield

The Cardea Fingershield has been designed to prevent finger injury in the hinge area of doors and is available for either the front face or rear side of a door. It is intended to fit all standard UK door heights (1960mm) and it is very easy to install and remove with no specialist tools, glue or nails required. Additionally it has the added benefits of being easy to wipe clean, which is particularly useful in homes with children, and it also acts as a secondary draft excluder and smoke seal.

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